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We are rebuilding The Music Ecosystem ®

Nate and I are in the process of rebuilding Tunes Alive as a basic promotional platform for the artists we've had the great pleasure to work with over the years. We started Tunes Alive back in 2009 with the dream of helping artists and other talented, creative hard-working people in the music industry make an honest living doing what they love. To that we dedicated years of development work, all-nighters, and everything we had. We, with our partners and contractors, created an app that combined digital and physical sales from multiple artists into a single checkout and browsing experience. We nearly completed a service for venues and local music connoisseurs, but by far our greatest achievement was uniting and working with a terrific group of artists. It is for them that we continue, though in a much less formal/ambitious way. The change has been extraordinarily difficult for us. We thank you for years of support and involvement. In the meantime, please connect with us on FACEBOOK.

- Jeff 1/2018